17 November 2006

Here kitty kitty!

You will be glad to know I woke up in a much better mood than I went to sleep in yesterday (apologies for the swearing), afterall it's Friday and I have paid £1 in aid of Children In Need for the privelege of coming to work in dress-down.

Another reason for my cheerier self is my latest technological acquisition. We have been lucky enough to get hold of one of the first hundred PetPortes that have been made and i took ownership of this sparkly white new bit of kit on Wednesday.

We werent asked if we wanted one of these because the vet is a friend and it hasnt come off the back of a lorry, more the fact that the vets know mine and Pingus' name off by heart after the number of times she has been attacked by other cats. After all she is very pretty and smells nice, just like her owner...

Im sorry but no it doesnt magically transport the cat particle by particle from one side of the flap to another, it simply only allows those cats you have programmed it to accept to use the catflap. It recognises the correct cats via an identity microchip that most pets have these days, saving the need for dangerous magnetic collars. It would even work for a small dog, and will keep the unwanted un-neutered cats from raping and pillaging my little Pingu in our new house.

Sorry no time for a rubbishly animated cartoon today, i'm on a deadline! Have nice weekends, think of me while i'm revising.