09 November 2006

Pimps 'R us!

Yesterday I set myself up a basic MySpace account, but the default format looked crap so I went in search of ways to vamp it up a bit. Obviously i didn’t want to pay for anything, it didn’t take long to find this Pimp My Profile.

I hunted through the supplied templates but they were all so over the top that eventually i settled on using their editor to create my own. I picked a page background colour, a table background colour, set the table border to on with a solid line style of 1 pixel. Once you get to the 'Finish' tab you can generate a sample page using your preferences, and finally receive the code to modify your page.

Once you have logged into your MySpace account, paste the code supplied at the top of the 'About Me' section of your profile. Et hey presto, a much more tasteful MySpace account than most you see around.

But it was lacking pictures, so I found Grown-up Geeks who supplied me with the code to put some of their hosted animated GIF's into my profile too.

All of which proves that if you have any kind of design streak (which i dont) you can have a tasteful MySpace page which neednt look like someone vomited all over it.

*EDIT: Do you like my new Dali-esqu random comment generator?