10 November 2006

11 things you can do with Google

1.Learn to cook:
Search for something like 'recipe pumpkin' (i have a pumpkin that has seen better days but that i don’t want to waste), and Google will refine your search to recipes only if you want.

2.Get the answer to life:
Type in 'the answer to life, the universe, and everything', the Google geeks have obviously read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

3.Search in Klingon:
Go Here for Klingon-translated searching.

4.Use it like a calculator:
Type in 21+43 and hit the 'Search' button, Google does the calculations for you. It will even do calculation in mathmatical order i.e. 10*5/5 (answer could be 10 or 1).

5.Find a definition:
Type in 'define:geek' and hit the 'search' button. Google finds sites that give a definition for the word entered.

6.Find movie reviews:
Enter 'movie:london' as your search term for example, Google brings back reviews and even show times!

7.Search a specific site:
Type in 'tabilda site:http://www.b3ta.com/' and Google searches for references to Tabilda from B3ta only.

8.Search in page titles only:
Type in 'intitle:tabilda' and only results with tabilda actually in the title will be displayed. Similarly 'intext:tabilda' restricts the search to look inside the text of a page.

9.Currency conversion:
Type in '£5 in usd' or '5 pounds in dollars' and Google will return an answer: '5 British pounds = 9.5245 U.S. dollars'. This also works for measurement conversion i.e. feet in metres.

10.Discover dodgy American dealings!
Go HERE to search for stuff what that silly president has been trying to hide...

11.Exclude words from your Search.
Yes, I know that you can do this in advanced search but this is the short-hand way. Put a "-" immediately in front of the word you want to exclude. I was doing a search for 'Polka' the other day, but did not mean the 'dot' type, using this cut down my search from millions to a couple of hundred results.Also you can use the "~" character in front of a word if you want to search for words LIKE the one you search on.